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Smart Health & Medical Care Products Providers
Since 2008, the Byvision Science Technology Ltd, based on high product quality and strong R&D capability, we have become an expert provider from China, with $2 million initial registered capital. We have skillful employees and experienced R&D engineers.
Our company also invested and joint the Great-ears to manufacture and sale the hearing sound amplifiers, hearing aids and medical instruments in 2016. All our hearing aids of digital hearing aid, BTE hearing aid, ITE hearing aid, rechargeable hearing aid, invisible hearing aid, ITC hearing aid, RIC hearing aid are approved by CE, RoHS, FCC and FDA.
Marketing More than 100 Countries and Regions
the BYVision, as the representative of hi-tech enterprises, was invited to attend many global fairs, such as CES USA, IFSEC UK/India/South Africa,MIPS Russia and Exposec Brazil. With all customer-centric concepts to realize business success for all customers, our products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions to meet the requirements of over 100 million people for improving life quality.
Offering OEM/ODM Services for Seven Years
Our company has been dedicated to the international business and market since 2010, with the international business team of six to 10 sales personnel, who are in charge of the appointed countries and regions, including the US, Brazil, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, India and more.

Wide Range of Products to Choose From

And since 2016, the Byvision combined the great-ears to provide hearing aids for market, including the sound amplifier and hearing aids types of BTE hearing aid (behind-the-ear), ITE hearing aid (in-the-ear), digital hearing aid, rechargeable hearing aid, invisible hearing aid, micro mini hearing aids, CIC mode and more.
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