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  • Packaging Machinery manufacturers


    DCS-50A Packing and Sealing Machine 1. Introduction锛?/strong> The DCS-50A electronic quantitative packaging scale is suitable for quantitative packaging of granular materials in industries such as cereals, rice, seeds, sugar, food, etc. The feeding…

  • Face Mask suppliers


    Disposable Ear Loop Foldable FPP2 KN95 Face Mask Production Description This FPP2 Kn95 mask is mainly divided into four layers, the outermost layer and the inner layer are skin-friendly nonwoven fabrics, the middle two layers, one layer is meltblown…

  • Customized PP Mesh Bag For Firewood


    Our History I was founded in 2000, The main business: The HDPE mesh bag for vegetable or fruit, Date palm mesh bag, Olive net, Anti hail net and Anti insect net etc. Our product, the date palm mesh bag exported to Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia…

  • China Concrete Mixing Plant suppliers


    Our Factory North Luton Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1999, is a Chinese leading manufacturing and trading combo of concrete batching plant, stabilized soil mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, cement silo with screw conveyor, concrete mixer etc…

  • Marine Parts


    Plastic Rod Holder 鈥?84001, 84003-2, 84003-3, 84016-1B 84001 9.5 脳 9 脳 28 cm 84003-2 Plastic Rod Holder 27.5 脳 6.5 脳 31 cm 84003-3 Plastic Rod Holder 44 脳 6.5 脳 31 cm 84016-1B Adjustable Plastic Rod Holder Feature Luju offers a variety of rod holders to…

  • 韓国 夏 通販


    浼佹キ鎯呭牨 绲屽柖鐞嗗康 鎴戠ぞ銇晢閬撱倰瀹堛倞銆佷俊鐢ㄣ倰閲嶃倱銇樸€併亰姹傘倎銈勩仚銇勪尽鏍笺倰瀹熺従銇椼€佸父銇柊銇椼亶鑹亶鍟嗗搧銈掋倛銈婂簝銇忚博澹层仚銈嬨€?/p> 銇旀簚瓒炽亜銇熴仩銇戙倠銈堛亞銈点兗銉撱偣銈掑厖瀹熴仐銇︺伨銇勩倞銇俱仚銆?/p> 銉撱偢銉с兂 銉曘偂銉冦偡銉с兂銈掗€氥仒銇с€佷汉銇ㄤ細绀俱伄鏈潵銇偤銇嚭鏉ャ倠銇撱仺銆?/p> 銇濄倢銇€佷粖鏃ャ倰銆佹槑鏃ャ倰銈堛倞璞娿亱銇仚銈嬬偤銇€?/p>…

  • Manufacturer chemical high quality Sodium Phosphates


    Sodium Tripolyphosphate 1銆丆hemical Name锛?/strong>Sodium Tripolyphosphate銆丼odium Triphosphate 2銆丮. F:Na5P3O10 3銆丮.W:367.86 4銆丳hysical properties: White crystal powder锛宮elting point is 622鈩? easily soluble in water, with remarkable chelating ability to some…

  • cheap 12 Colors Erasable Plastic Colored Pencil Sets


    Our History Zhejiang Jiangshan Longteng Pen Industry Co., Ltd is an ISO9001 certified professional manufacturer of pencils for more than 16 years since 2004, when a family workshop. And registered on 2014.On 2018,we moved to our new factory. Our Factory…

  • Laundry Sanitizer


    The main disinfection component is 2.2% to 2.5% PCMX (p-chloro-m-cresol), which effectively kills 99.99% of intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci and fungi. Remove odors such as sweat and odor. The laundry sanitizer contains pine extract…

  • Wrought Iron Furniture supplier


    Product introduction The planter stand is designed with the concept of straight geometric lines in mind making it unique and tasteful. It can be used in tandem with other planters of the same kind, to make a simplistic and satisfying geometric aesthetic.…

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