A. Product overview
Milk cooling air cooled chiller is indispensable in the milk processing cooling, milk produced need temperature is lower than 0 to 5 鈩?temperature under guarantee the freshness of milk, milk cooling air cooled water chillers can reach a temperature of minus 15 鈩?to + 45 鈩? milk production process through the heat exchanger and cold water mechanism LengHaoDe 0 鈩?to heat water, make in the production of milk temperature always stay fresh in 5 鈩?Milk cooling air cooled water chillers can very good precision of temperature control at + / - 1 鈩? within the scope of the temperature fluctuation is small;The air-cooled chiller can be set up with the self-starting function of power on according to the demand. The remote one-button start function is very convenient.
B. Product Parameter
Freezing capabilityKcal / KW18748 / 21.8
Power sourceV3鈭?380锝?80V- 50HZ锛?40V-60HZ锛孋an be customized锛?/p>
Motor ipuptKW8.6
Electric currentA20.64
RefrigerantKindR407C銆丷404A銆丷134A锛圕an be customized锛?/p>
Power of compressorKW3*2
Quantity of compressor
Cooling air volumem3/h8000
Power of water pumpKW0.75
Refrigerated water flowm3/hr6
Diameter of freezing water pipeMM40
Overall dimensionL锛坢m锛?/p>1470
Weight of machinekg270
C. Product description
Milk cooling air cooled chiller cooling of plate heat exchanger is used with food grade or the jacketed tank indirect cycle cooling, cold water machine does not directly remove with the milk, the milk of the food safety will be very good guarantee, milk cooling air cooling machine pipeline adopts SUS304 stainless steel material, use stainless steel pump water pump, if you need to use the temperature below zero, liquid circulation medium should be used in low temperature freezing or ethylene glycol.
Q: Can this machine use brine?
A: No. The use of corrosive media such as brine requires special customization.Air Cooled Chiller suppliers

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