Zibo Deming Advanced Materials Co., Ltd located in Zibo,Shandong where is the high-tech ceramic industry cluster.
DMCERA focus on the R&D, production and sales of hot pressed and pyrolytic boron nitride materials and products.
Boron nitride is an advanced material and widely used in foundry, electronics, solar energy and photovoltaic, semiconductor, aerospace, chemical and medical Industry.
Our Main Products:
Hot pressed boron nitride: Insulation tubes, sleeve, and parts for vacuum furnace; crucibles and setter plate for nitride phosphors, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride firing; various insulating parts in the electronics industry;nozzles for amorphous soft magnetic alloy spray tapes and metal powders gas-atomization; horizontal continuous casting break rings/crystal tubes; side dams for strip continuous casting; high purity bn crucibles for molten metal processing, composite ceramic molds.
Pyrolytic boron nitride: crucibles,boat, sheet,rod,heater,coating.
Titanium diboride (TiB2) for electrolytic aluminum and armor in military; Aluminum Nitride ceramics.
DMCERA is a professional high-tech company. We cooperate with Chinese Universities and Research Institutes.
Leading technology, top products and excellent services are our goals. Boron Nitride Rod

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